Friday, September 2, 2011

Mineral Flower Power

I haven't really been too experimental when it comes to moisturizer.  I've tried the usual Pond's, Olay, and even Shu for as long as I could sustain supply (not easy on the pockets); but other than that, I've pretty much stuck within that rotation.  Months ago, I was given some Mineral Flowers (Dead Sea Cosmetics) products and I must say, I do see and feel the benefits of dead sea ingredients.  And while these lines may not be new and launched over a year ago here, I thought I'd share anyway since I've gotten a number of inquiries about good moisturizers.  Besides, I haven't heard many people flat out endorse Mineral Flowers.
The whole Rose & Geranium line for Normal & Mixed Skin

I am actually pretty lucky when it comes to skin.  I don't easily get blemishes, I don't have dry spots and my skin falls in the normal to combination category.  However, I've often felt as though the sunlight has been sucked out of my face whenever I first wake up.  In other words, pale with sunken under-eyes.  So first, I started using the Mineral Flowers Rose & Geranium night cream and that alone had a visible difference in the mornings. My skin looked brighter and more supple, like beauty sleep had done me good.

So I figured, why stop at that? Might as well try out the day cream, the toner, and the facial mask as needed (which were also given to me).  Now that I'm fully satisfied with the results, I'm even considering trying out their facial wash and the rest of the line.  My skin looks and feels great so this must be working.

That's that mineral flower power

Okay, so obviously, different people have different skin types and some are very particular about scents (in fact, I usually don't like flowery scents but these are very mild). That being said, there are different lines for dry and sensitive skin or oily skin and different scents like Almond & Blossom, Chamomile, etc.  If you're interested in trying, and I am highly suggesting that you do, then there's a fair variety for all.

Mineral Flower Power!


Almond & Blossom

FYI, Mineral Flowers products can be found at all Watson's and PCX branches.
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