Thursday, February 21, 2013

FAB FIND: Lancome Virtuose Doll Eyes Mascara

Please excuse the startled look. Just had to demonstrate the length of  my lashes.
I'm not usually one to rave about mascara. Out of the many beauty products that are out there, I've always been pretty basic about mascara. In fact, most of the time, I've stuck with good ol' Maybelline Great Lash.

However, when my BFF sent me this mascara that she picked up during a stopover in Japan (and apparently, only available in Japan), I just had to give it a rave review. Lancome Virtuose Doll Eyes gave me the most gorgeous, lengthy yet natural looking lashes. It was light and didn't clump, but gave great definition. 

Well, given that it's hard to come by, this may not be my everyday mascara, but it's definitely an alternative to whipping out the falsies for nights out and special occasions.

OR...I could establish a regular Japan connection. Heh.


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Monday, March 5, 2012

DJ Teaze

My girl Thea Arvisu aka DJ Teaze was the Philippines' first lady Hiphop DJ, has opened for popular artists like Bruno Mars and has taken her craft to international waters.  Add that to the fact that she is strikingly beautiful inside and out; then I'm sure that I've convinced you that working with her was definitely an honor.

Shot by Harry Javier at Illustrious Labz (ILL-LABZ), Teaze's natural swagger and charm shone through in her 2012 press photo shoot.  See, not many ladies can pull off being the bombshell, the girl next door, and the interesting androgynous subject all-in-one.  Yet, she sure does.

Take a look at our recent work to see how this talented woman is far from one-sided:

Photography: Harry Javier
Airbrush Makeup: Monique Jaramillo-Seneres
Shot on location at ILL-LABZ

Need to have your press photos done?


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Makeup in The Gardens

Some of my favorite makeup stores have opened or are soon-to-open at the new wing at Alabang Town Center called The Gardens.

I have always loved stocking up on makeup supplies and paraphernalia at Suesh, but with my being Southbound and the first branches set in Greenhills and Trinoma, frequenting the stores wasn't possible.  Though a great deal of their products can be found online, this set-up wasn't really feasible for times when I needed supplies right away.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when their latest branch opened 2 Sundays ago.

Another haven that is soon-to-open for makeup fanatics residing in the South is Shu Uemura.  This brand has products that I believe are more for personal use (they don't come cheap so you would want to use on self) and I favor more of their skincare and makeup remover items, but bottom-line, I am thrilled about the opening of their ATC branch!

Lovely "garden" indeed, but I could think of a few blooms to add...MAC...Nars...Laura Mercier...