Monday, September 19, 2011

Makeup for Chaos & Confused Weather

I know it's been a minute since my last post and it's mostly because I haven't had enough idle time in the past few weeks to drop lines for everyone.  From makeup jobs (which I am either not allowed to post pics of yet or do not have the official photos for yet) to projects (one very significant makeup-related project I will be unveiling soon) to preparation and execution of my son's birthday weekend (yes, it was a series of fun celebrations); busy, busy, busy.

In effect, I haven't really come across anything particularly new in makeup and beauty this month.  However, that doesn't leave me empty-handed as I write today.  I figured I would share information connected to what I've been through lately and I'm sure you can all relate.

Basically, for my son's main birthday celeb, Hubby and I took him and close family members to a full day at Enchanted Kingdom (for non-Philippine based readers, this is our humble take on a theme park FYI).  Let me tell you that it was one chaotic day. First of all, lines were insane due to the fact that it was a weekend crowd plus several different schools had chosen to do their "family day" all at once.  Can anyone say body heat? Then of course, we had to deal with the schizophrenic weather ("I'm blazing hot" "No, I'm raining cats and dogs" "Uh uh, I'm blazing hot").  Which leads me to my topic for the day: makeup for chaos and confused weather.

Here are the products that I packed for EK:

  • Olay Total Effects w/ Cooling Essence - Some people don't like Olay moisturizers, because they're more on the heavy side, but this one is water-based and light in texture.  You feel a mild, cooling sensation along with quickly locked in moisture, slight pigments to cover imperfections and of course active agents to protect against the sun and signs of aging. Great for any skin.

  • Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation (in Natural 03) - I skipped on concealer and instead relied on my trusty compact which provides ample coverage and also has SPF15.

  • Just can't shake my infinite love for Facefinity

  • L'Oreal True Match Blush in Golden Apricot - For a modest amount of color and sparkle that wouldn't battle with natural flush from the heat.

  • L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara - Somehow, I prefer using this compared to waterproof mascara, because at times, even waterproof formulations smudge from extreme weather situations or lashes tend to lose their shape in the humidity.  Whereas, the conditioner (the white side) of the tube acts as a sort of extra hold gel on the lashes.  Therefore, when mixed with the actual mascara, lashes take shape (even without a curler), stay curled, and mascara only comes off when rubbed off (you can feel an almost glue-like texture when you rub your lashes in between your fingers with water or product).

  • Mentholatum Lip Ice - A little shimmer, a little moisture and sunscreen. 

  • Paul and Joe Moisturizing Mist - Spritz. Ahhh.

  • Tony & Guy Dry Shampoo - No one wants sweaty scalp smell right? 

    • OFF! Lotion - Does that count as a beauty product? In any case, didn't want to take any chances with mosquitoes.
    • Rubbing alcohol - Definitely not really a beauty product, but still very necessary!

    So there may have been a few items that I could have brought along like actual sunscreen, but fortunately, it didn't stay scorchingly sunny for long periods of time anyway.  With respect to the products I did bring, well, the point was to maintain a decent look, hygiene, and protection from weather conditions.  Besides, I find it weird when ladies look all made up at active spots like theme parks.  I like to be a bit more realistic when it comes to beauty for these types of outings so I skip things like filling in eyebrows, lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliner, and the like (even the most amazing fixier sprays can't save those when you get soaked on the water rides!).  A simple look also poses as less of a hassle when it comes to touching up, because mind you, not only do the rides have crazy lines; the bathrooms lines are equally crazy.

    Now I'm not sure that any of you are planning to make similar trips in the near future, but the holidays are just around the corner so you never know.  Nevertheless, I hope this information helps in any way possible for other hyperactive happenings. Have a great week ahead!

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