Thursday, August 25, 2011


You may have seen these streamers all over Edsa lately and I'm pretty sure most of you have been just as curious as I have been.  Prior to the brand's arrival, I admit that I had not heard of it before.  So while I'm yet to try out their products, I took the liberty of finding out a little more for everyone's benefit.

Since most of the literature that I found on the company was in Indonesian (it is an Indonesian brand), I just tried to gather as much as I could from simply viewing their website and also soaked in some good reviews from Indo bloggers.  Basically, PAC was created by professional makeup artist Martha Tilaar and her team and mostly displays ultra bold paint and loose powder eyeshadow pots as well as lipsticks that wouldn't come in your usual shades.  With these products, the Martha Tilaar group maintains a makeup academy in their hometown and trains mostly in fantasy and avante garde makeup concepts.  In fact, their site offers a number of free tutorials that I happen to think are a lot of fun.

Take a look at some of their palettes as well as looks you can learn to do from

Some looks out of their "artistic" gallery

A makeup tutorial that puts a spin on traditional Indonesian makeup

Futuristic beauty makeup

This is like Princess Lea meets Ice Queen

Using one of their best-selling kits complete with foundation, concealer, powder, lipstick, eyeshadows, and blush/contouring powder

Picks from an Indonesian designer. Those metallic pots are not too shabby, huh?

A better look at their makeup kit

Okay, so this is probably not the makeup brand for wallflowers, but for those more daring, this is something that you might want to try.  Fyi, their tutorials on-site give a complete breakdown of products to use with step by step application.  I, personally, think that PAC products are worth trying on self for special events and when doing makeup for more "out there" shoots and catwalk shows.  It really is the makeup brand that lets your imagination run wild.

See, as I've repeated several times since the first post that ever went up on this site, there is so much more to makeup than just putting it on.  So why not step outside of the box once in awhile?  At least once, throw caution to the wind and make an impact.

A couple months back when PAC arrived in Manila, my beloved makeup school Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS) held a workshop/sale for the brand.  Perhaps you can stay tuned to for the next or you can go ahead and check out their head office at 401 B Marvin Plaza Bldg., Chino Roces Ave. Makati or booths in Robinson's Department Stores.


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  2. Thank you for this very nice article. We appreciate it very much. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to find out more about our brand. We will be transferring office soon so if ever you want to get in touch with us, please call Miss Bing Montinola at tel number 09228177239. Once again thank you!
    Macon Ramos
    Raindaince Inc.
    Distributor of PAC brand in the Philippines

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