Thursday, September 29, 2011

Metallic Addict

Metals occupy the bulk of the periodic table and they also happen to occupy the bulk of my latest beauty faves. The trend first made a comeback last fall on the high fashion scene in the US and since then, metal has been gracing eyes, nails, and even lips everywhere you look.  I feel that with stormy weathers looming around, having this sort of slight glistening on the face and hands is a nice contrast.

We've seen Dior, Giorgio Armani, Nars, and a number of top brands do brilliant metallics, but of course these products also go for brilliant prices.  So although I do have the Dior Holiday 2010 Five Golds Quint and a couple cream pots of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill, what I've also been favoring lately for myself and clients are the loose shimmer powder pots from Australian brand BYS.

I took the liberty of doing swatches for the shades that I've been using:

(L-R) White Gold, Pink Bliss, Sky Blue, Bronze Treasure, Cosmic

I used an angled brush and as you can see, they are pigmented enough to use as great alternative liners (I especially love lining eyes with the bronze and blue), but they can blend out and be a tad bit more demure.  It all depends on how you'd want to wear them and the intensity you'd want on your lids.  When it comes to blending, I prefer to use the shade over the lid up until the crease then given a little smoke using brown in the crease.  This way, the overall metallic look doesn't get overshadowed (pun intended).

Sky Blue blended out for a softer look

What else have I been loving? Metallic nails! Though my nails have gone basic black this week, I have been wearing Orly's Rage regularly.  It's just so multi-dimensional. It's meant to look like strips of foil then in certain angles they either look gold, copper, or silver and also have a subtle shimmer to them.  They have a lot going on so for those that haven't tried this polish yet, if you're planning to, I beg of you to keep your nails short unless you want to end up looking like Laquita in 2032...or Nicki Minaj.

Here is a photo from when I first tested them out at Nail to Toe:

What a gorgeous polish!  As if actual gold and silver were melted down to create it

Again, there are top brands that make to-die-for metallic polishes like Chanel's Gunmetal Gray, but if you want to purchase something that's easier on the pockets and that is really unique, Orly is the way to go.

Bottomline, never mind the rain. Metal shines through any weather.

Truly Yours,

Metallic Addict

Orly nail polishes are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Sprint Asia and they should be available at all leading nail salons.

I am yet to see BYS makeup products in stores here, but I have seen a number of online sellers that have them on 

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