Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ready for RED

For some reason, red lippie shades can be quite daunting for some ladies.  I have come across clients that were literally scared to wear red, because they had tried it out before and felt pretty ridiculous.  Yet, upon swish of my choice color on them, they soon changed their minds and joined the society of ladies that love to rock red.

I honestly think that anyone can pull off red lipstick.  It is just a matter of putting on something that works specifically for a person based on their skin's undertones.  You may have heard of warm and cool undertones, along with some complex explanations of each, but it's really quite simple finding out which applies to you.

How to Determine Whether You Have A Warm or Cool Undertone:

1. The Jewelry Test - What suits you more, silver or gold jewelry? First hold up a silver piece against your skin then a gold piece (no worries, this works with real or fake garb).  If you find that gold suits you more then you have a warmer undertone. Likewise, if you find that silver suits you more, then you have a cooler undertone.

2. The "White Clothes" Test - Do you look better in true white or off-white clothes? If you wear true white well, then you have a cool undertone. Whereas, warmer or golden undertones are better dressed in off-white.

3. The Wrist Test - Look at your wrists under the sun (as you will see best under natural light) and if your veins appear green, then you have a warm undertone and if they appear bluish, then you have a cool undertone.

Remember that a) darker or lighter skin doesn't determine warm or cool undertones and b) some people are actually considered to have "neutral" skin undertones, meaning they have both warm and cool - therefore, they are able to wear both types of shades.  This is true for myself (though I normally prefer warmer, orangey shades) and it seems true for many Filipinas, since we often have such mixed ancestry.  Seriously, who do you know that is 100% Filipino?

Moving along, while I could spend days discussing the loveliest shades of red, I thought I'd mention just 1 of my fave shades each for warm and cool.

  • Nothing warms my heart like Chanel No. 60 New York Red 


  • YSL's Rouge Pur Couture in 18 is still too cool to be written off
Time has proven that red lips are classic.  It graced some of the earliest "it" looks since the early 1900s so we definitely can't call it a "trend".  So why skip out on this instant makeup element that can glam up any face?  

Once you know a shade that can create that "wow" factor for you, it is something that is nifty to have in your makeup kit at all times.

So...ready for RED?

3 gorgeous Pinays that always look fab in their red shades

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