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Eye Spy: Trending Eyeliner Styles

A girl can never go wrong with eyeliner.  The eyes say it all and there is just something about liner that really gives life to eyes. It can give an air of mystery, a sultry stare, and really just take the eyes from blah to ooh la la! From liquid to gel to pencil to kohl; eyeliner can either serve as an accessory to the rest of your eye makeup or it can stand alone.  It is for this reason that I am constantly trying to update myself on different looks to try out.

Okay, so there are eyeliner fails left and right like reverse wings (why would anyone want to make their eyes droop, why?), liquid over the whole lid (that would only work with kohl blended out unless you like looking as if someone pulled a prank on you while you were sleeping), and liner with mole trails (over it).

Nevertheless, there are 6 fresh styles that are exceptionally enticing and I am very eager to share these looks with you as well as tips on how to achieve them.  The common denominator with each of these looks is that the rest of the face is kept very toned down, but flawless with the exception of some highlighter and bronzer here and there (if you're into that).  Brows are well-groomed and lips are normally nude so that no other element on the face competes with the eyes.

Take a look at my picks:

Side arrow
Chanel runway
1. The "Side Arrow" or the contoured winged liner

As you can see, this look begins with the typical winged liner, preferably using liquid, and scoops inward at the crease.  As with the winged liner, you can begin your line at the outer corner of the eye and imagine an invisible line starting at the outer corner of your lower lash line (this is where you will do the flick).  You can extend the wing out for as long as you wish then curve the line inward in a subtle U shape.  Then you've got it!

Backstage at Dior
2. Two-toned liner

For this look, you may want to use gel liner and both angled and liner brushes because it's never a good idea to use liquid on your lower lash line plus brands like MAC and Smashbox have amazing colored gel liners.  I'm actually in love with this look, though I do agree with critiques from others saying that the red liner looks like wounds, so the color choices are up to you.  The liner on the lid is pretty typical so I'll just quickly break down the lower and upper portions.  On the lower lash line, using your liner brush (the one with the single pointed bristle), extend the inner and outer corners parallel to the lengths of your brows.  The same goes with the liner just under the brow line.  It is up to you if you would like to have the line cut straight (like the girl on the right) or a bit more curved (like the girl on the right).

The higher the eyeliner, the closer to God?
Photo source:
3. Cat eye to the sky

I quite like this for all eyes types, because makeup that goes against gravity is always flattering.  I would, however, define brows more.  Now, in order to create this look you will need a good smudge-proof pencil eyeliner as well as an easy smudge pencil.  You start with the smudge-proof pencil in the whole crease starting from the inner corner of the eye and stopping at the outer corner.  From there, you flick the line upward until the tip of your brow tail.  You then take your easy smudge pencil and fill in from the lash line until the crease again from the inner corner and stopping at the outer corner.  Following the angle of the smudge-proof pencil, flick and smudge upward.  Voila!

Photo source:

4.Electric eyeliner

I also enjoy using various metallic lines for this look.  The brows are a little less defined for this type of liner and it is up to you if you would like to purchase the actual colored pencil liners for this or if you would like to use shadow.  For good quality, affordable colored liners, I suggest you check out choices from Elf or Urban Decay.  On the other hand, loose powder shadows work well for lining as mentioned in my previous post:
I believe it's pretty self-explanatory on how to line the eyes for this look.  Let me just tell you that the look is more striking and effective when the line fills in from the lash line to the crease as opposed to a thinner line.

Photo source:
5. The other Double-Winged Liner

Kardashian makeup doesn't always settle well with me (ever heard of matte?), but I happen to think that Kim K's version of the double winged liner is a lot of fun.  A couple years ago we saw double wings on the eyelid whereas this version has a supporting wing coming from the lower lash line.  I still think this liner can work on its own, though I'm not totally opposed to a bit of highlighter in between the wings and eye corners to make the look pop more.  Using a kohl eyeliner would be best for this so that slight blending/smudging can be done, especially under the lash line.  The upper line can be a little on the thicker side but flicked into a fine wing and the "supporting wing" will come from the extension of the lower water line.  Easy peasy.

Photo source:
6. The "Spear"

This is sort of a hybrid eyeliner style, because you can see a little bit of cat eye, wing, and arrow in it.  It's very architectural, if you will, and that's why it needs to be paired with impeccable eyebrows.  This look requires a liquid liner with an ultra thin brush applicator in order to get the fine downward line coming down from the flick and to be able to adjust and create the medium closed line on the inner corner of the eye.  If you're not an expert at using liquid liner then you might want to try lining your eyes before applying bases and other makeup around the eye.  If you make a mistake, you can easily take a cotton bud and some makeup remover then start over again.  Line the eye, flick it upward, lightly drag it down and away from the lash line then close the inner corners and downward from the lid and around the tear duct.  You can do it!

So there you have it. 6 trending eyeliner styles that wow. My eyes shall continue to spy on innovative eyeliner looks, but until then, I do hope you enjoy and try these out.

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