Thursday, October 20, 2011

Empresario Presents...Artists Playground - 2011 Holiday Trunkshow

This November, Empresario returns with a trunkshow featuring seven of Manila's budding fashion entrepreneurs and designers - The Aziza Collection, Ylla, Erzullie, Bonnie, Pazzy Navarro, Cece Smith, and Seven107.

I am, on so many levels, proud to be a part of this team's movements once more as their makeup artist. Their full-on efforts to provide a platform for artists and entrepreneurs to exhibit their works is truly admirable. I keep saying this over and over again, but I honestly believe that there are so many great talents over here that have internationally competitive works.  They just need the proper promotion and support.  It is amazing seeing Filipinos make names for themselves worldwide and Empresario operates in furtherance of this vision.

Now, on to makeup talk. As you may know, holiday collections are all about lush, opulent colors and textures.  The same thing applies to makeup really. When it comes to runway, artists often opt for intense, gray smokey eyes and deep red lippies or perhaps brown and golden smokey eyes with bold, chocolate lippies. In other words, eyes and lips are equally bold and rich over clean, flawless canvasses.

I have a few ideas that I'm fine-tuning at the moment and I am still undecided on color palettes (hence, the absence of color in my draft seen below), but I have come up with an eye makeup technique that I've been trying out and am nearly set on using for my team. I feel this somewhat avante garde style will look gorgeous on the runway, (trust, it looks even more alluring on a model's face) enough to make a statement from afar, but not so bizarre or loud that it would take focus away from the clothes.  In fact, the full effect is really seen up close.

I have roughly 3 weeks to finalize my look so between now and then, I'll be testing out palettes and possibly even other looks. Nevertheless, I can't wait to share documentation of this momentous event and of course a completed template with products and techniques used for all of you.

See you on November 12, 2011, 7:00pm onward at Museum Cafe, Greenbelt 4 for Empresario's Artists Playground - 2011 Holiday Trunkshow!

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