Friday, August 12, 2011

The Run-Down on My Runway Makeup

Fashion Show Photography: Art Alera
Backstage/behind-the-scenes photos: MJ Izon and Edzen Pineda
Assistant Makeup Artists: MJ Izon and Nybie Ng
Hairstyles: LuxAsia team
Fashion: Dimple Lim/OHM Playground
Accessories (jewelry): Anica De Guzman for LAURA
Accessories (bags): Reshma Chulani for Trosseau

Last July 27th, I was blessed with the opportunity to creatively direct and exhibit my makeup style for a spectacular trunk/fashion show called Empresario.  The event also featured the works of some of Manila's freshest, most impressive entrepreneurs from different art fields like Art Alera for photography, Raoul Olbes & David Rapaport with Vice Ink Tattoo, Anica De Guzman with LAURA for jewelry architecture, and Dimple Lim with OHM Playground for fashion design (to name a few).

When hearing the word "empresario", you'd assume that it is just a fun spin on the word "impress", but it actually means "entrepreneur" in Spanish.  Nevertheless, what these entrepreneurs did do throughout the whole planning and launching of the event, was truly impress me.  So you can imagine how nervous I was trying to keep up with these guys.  With an amazing team, though, and a whole lot of confidence building from the Empresario organizers, I was really happy with the overall makeup presentation.

Here are some shots of the models as well as my exhibit space at the launching night (Note: apologies for the order, blogger isn't quite working with me today):

There was a brewing typhoon that day so the wind kept blowing my tarp around

Profile done by Empresario Manila

Some of the models backstage before changing into first outfits

The stage and a portion of the exhibit area.

To give a little run-down on my runway makeup, I was (and still am) obsessed with the trending metallics seen everywhere in fashion and beauty so I decided to make use of bold, metallic eyeshadow in an almost mask-like manner.  In order to make a full impact for the show, my team and I agreed that strong eyes and strong lips would work.  So we paired the dramatic eyes with lush, berry lippies.  I figured with the exception of the eyes, my look and how to achieve the same is pretty explanatory.  Therefore, I will provide just the products used on the eyes and steps on how to achieve the same.

Here are all the products that were used for eyes:
-L'Oreal HIP cream shadow paint in Witty
-Gun metal gray eyeshadow from the Coastal Scents 88 matte palette
-Black eyeshadow also from the Coastal Scents 88 matte palette
-White eyeshadow from Makeup Forever
-Clear tape
-Thick false lashes
-L'Oreal Contoul Kohl Eyeliner in Black
-L'Oreal Liner Intense (liquid eyeliner) in Black
-Silver glitter glue

Now, steps on how to recreate my look:
1. Place clear tape from below your upper lash line until your hairline
2. Then get another piece of clear tape to place from the tip of your eyebrow tail also to your hairline so that it meets with the tip of your other piece of tape in a > shape
3. Paint cream shadow over your whole eyelid until your brow line and within the > shape
4. Extend cream eyeshadow downward on sides of nosebridge
5. Contour eye crease using the gun metal gray shadow and blend outward along the lower piece of tape
6. Add some smoke to the corners of the eyes (I did not apply the usual techniques on eye types and instead enjoyed seeing the same effect on different eyes) using the black shadow and again, blend outward along the lower piece of tape
7.  Line eyelids with liquid liner, but do not add "wings"
8. Place thick, false eyelashes and re-line as needed
9. Add "jewel" accents on the cream shadow in the nose bridge area/corner of eyes (it is up to you how many you would like to put)
10. Line outer to middle of water line with kohl eyeliner and lightly smudge
11. Finish off with white shadow along the brow line and under the inner corner of water line

There you have it. Obviously, I wouldn't expect any of you to try this look out on a regular day, but it is definitely something fun and whimsical to see at special events or for concept shoots/shows. I'd like to reiterate how jittery and scary the idea of putting myself and my ideas on blast was at first, but now that the event had settled in my mind, I was ready to share.  What I would truly appreciate is feedback on this look for improvement purposes in the future and of course, photos of your adaptations if ever.

Thanks and enjoy! <3


  1. Thank you for the feature Monique! =)
    This definitely won't be the last for Empresario and MJS!