Friday, April 15, 2011

05: Continuing That Youth of Spring/Summer

This spring/summer, the obvious trend is bright, bright lips.  Everywhere you go, you see these bold lips in shades of pink and orange that bring such a youthful glow to a face.  That being said, what really compliments and completes the look is the use of bronze eyeshadows that give the eyes a subtle touch of shimmer without taking away the focus from the lips.

I made swatches of my favorite bright lipsticks recently, but hadn't gotten around to posting it.  So in order to make up for that, I figured I'd also post swatches of my favorite bronze eyeshadows plus tips on my favorite ways to wear the complete look.

Pink & Orange Lipsticks
Top (Left to Right): MAC All Styled Up, Elite Pink, MAC Something New, NARS Schiap, L'Oreal Intense Fuschia
Bottom (Left to Right): L'Oreal Orange Fever, YSL No. 21 Pure Orange, MAC Neon Orange
Bronze Eyeshadows
L-R: No. 1 on Smashbox Highlighter Quad, MAC Amber Lights, Beauty Rush Hot Ginger,  Chanel Le Bronze Eyeshadow,  Wet n' Wild Silk Finish Brassy
Don't be overwhelmed with the 12345etc. lipstick shades that I have shown you.  This is just to give you an idea of what is out there and what you can play with. You'll even notice that some look similar, but sometimes even the slightest difference can suit a face more.  Just have fun and experiment.

On to the eyeshadows.  While I have seen some women wear their bright lipsticks with smokey eyes, I prefer to wear my eyeshadow very light.  I'm not necessarily strict about the strong eyes/light lips or light eyes/strong lips rule (hey, it's not a law), but I just feel that these lipsticks are nearly stand-alone on the face with other features acting as soft harmonies.  As shown in my samples above, there are many options when it comes to bronze.  It is up to you to take it lighter, warmer or more tan to go with your pink or orange lips.

For these 2 looks that I will be showing you (which only differ in lipstick color), I will give you a breakdown of how I wore them from prep to finish:

Had to share this. How cute is this MAC 182 Kabuki brush?

  • Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser (removed with a warm washcloth)
  • Pond's White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner
  • Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Moisturizer (you'll still look dewy post-concealer/powder regimen, without feeling sticky)
  • Max Factor Erace in 01 Natural (only as needed under the eyes, red spots around the sides of nose, etc.)
  • Max Factor Facefinity in 03 Natural (just a light pat around the whole face)
  • Beauty Rush in Hot Ginger over the whole eyelid with just a touch of brown blended along the eyelid
  • Ultra-thin placement of liquid liner (which you can follow up with lash curling & mascara, but I chose to skip this)
  • Lightly fill in brows with Maybelline Natural Brown 
  • Maybelline Mineral Power in True Peach dusted on the apples of the cheeks using my MAC 182 kabuki brush (see photo inset)
  • Nars Schiap lipstick (1st picture) and YSL Pure Orange lipstick (2nd picture).  For bright lipsticks, I go without lip liner or a lip pencil and instead just apply straight from the tube and blend around the lips with my finger.

Currently my fave pink - Nars Schiap
YSL No. 21 Pure Orange

Around this time of year, many of us don't even wear much makeup and just go with a tinted moisturizer, but for the sake of presenting a full makeup look and making use of "in" products, this is a fun and lovely route to take.  Skin prep, slick on your makeup in a minimal amount of time, and head out looking fresh-faced and feeling good. Sparkle in the eyes, glow in the cheeks, and lips that sing...continuing that youth of spring/summer.  


Makeup by Monique Jaramillo-Seneres 
Cell: 0917-804-9947
FB: Makeup by Monique Jaramillo-Seneres


  1. What shade do you suggest for morenas?

  2. Honestly, during makeup class (which only wrapped up first week of April), my classmates and I would play around with some of these shades and they look gorgeous on every skin tone. :) Just play, play, play!

  3. Love it!! perfect for summer

  4. I want your kabuki brush!!!!!

  5. Monique Jaramillo-SeneresApril 17, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    @Ginger-Yesss :)

    @Carizza-So cute right? I didn't even know that MAC had kabuki brushes until recently ;)

  6. You should try the Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick! It's really nice, one of my favorites :) Oh and it's beach month! How do we use bronzers? :) What brand do you use? :)

  7. Yeahhh I saw that. I want that too, but the responsible side of me tells me I don't need it. Haha.

    I like The Body Shop's Brush-on Bronze. They're little balls so you can even apply using your fingers on the sides of your forehead and concentrated on the apples of your cheeks then blended by the hollows of your cheeks and sides of your nose :) Smoosh some on your shoulders down to lower bicep and collarbones too. Hehe

  8. Ok, I'll try that bronzer this week. Thanks for the tip! More beauty blogs please ;)