Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Heart Halloween

So I didn't have time to go really crazy with Halloween makeup trials this year, but of course, my oh-so-enthusiastic-about-Halloween fam dressed up. I have never gone a single Halloween (since my very first at 8 months old) without dressing up and I'm so glad that we never fail to carry on tradition.

My son and I had seen a blue ninja costume at SM last month and that was when we got the idea of creating costumes based on the Mortal Kombat characters Subzero and Kitana. With a whole lot of blue fabric over black ninja hoods and tights, we had our costumes done. Easy peasy.

Kitana reference. My version wasn't quite this daring.
With respect to makeup, since I was going to be wearing a mask that would cover my nose down to my chin, I decided to go all out on eye makeup with some smokey gray and silver with a more fanned out shape to mirror the character's choice of weapons - bladed fans. After adding a fair amount of liquid liner, falsies, and filler in my brows; I had my Kitana makeup!

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Not that it was going to be seen, but I still decided to go with a little cheek contour :)

Some people outgrow Halloween and leave it to the kids or never were fans of the freaky holiday to begin with (hello people with Christmas decor up way too early!), but I doubt this will ever faze me. It will always be one of my favorite times of the year, because it is the chance to not take everything too seriously. Yes, it is without a doubt, that I absolutely heart Halloween!

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