Saturday, April 30, 2011

07: SKIN is IN

While lipstick trends have taken a vivid turn since the inception of spring/summer with oranges and pinks, we see something a lot more subtle on nails at the moment -- skin-toned, nude, au naturel.  While it can be fun to wear crazy, neon polish; this season in 2011 is all about light application and letting natural beauty shine through.

During my latest trip to the nail salon (Tips n' Toes at Westgate in Alabang), I decided to really find a shade that was a perfect color match with my skin.  What I found was a shade called Chantelle from Color Club.  Take a look at what I now refer to as the nail polish equivalent of my Max Factor Natural 03 press powder:

Color Club's Chantelle shade
Color match

Obviously, people have different skin tones or you may not necessarily want to match your own so here is a list of some other great shades you may want to buy or test out at the salon:

  • MAC's Abolone Shell Nail Lacquer
  • OPI San Tan-tonio
  • Essie Bare Essentials
  • Chanel's Natural Nail Collection: Particuliere, Tendresse, and Inattendu (my personal fave!)
  • Dior Nude

Remember that polishes can appear darker or lighter, thinner or thicker than as seen in the bottle.  Just like lipsticks, they come in different types (sheer, matte, gloss, etc.) so this is something that can help you determine its applied look.  Though I feel that matte is the sexiest way to wear a nude lipstick, I actually like both sheer and matte types when it comes to nail polish. And fret not, also like lipstick, if you think it looks too light then simply slick on a 2nd or 3rd coat. No harm, no foul right?  

Around this time of year, we usually think of bright colors.  Well, I guess this still applies, just in a different way.  This spring/summer, let us indulge in the natural radiance and bright colors of our skin.  SKIN is IN.

Makeup by Monique Jaramillo-Seneres 
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  1. Love the MAC! Thanks for the tip cuz!

  2. Thanks for reading cuz! :)