Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let The Beauty Begin...

It seems that I wake up nearly every morning with makeup on my mind.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't exactly wear makeup everyday and more often than not, when I do, I go for a "no makeup look".  For there is so much more than just putting it on.  There is routine skincare, prepping for important events, beauty and makeup products for different occasions, grooming of facial features, etc.

As a makeup artist, I often try different products and am able to discover and get hold of industry secrets & trend forecasts.  As for sharing the same, well...isn't the whole point of the career path I have chosen to allow others to feel beautiful?  Besides, the phrase: "I heard it from Monique" has quite a nice ring to it.

That being said, I tested a couple beauty blogs made for sh**s and giggles on FB and was pleasantly surprised with the feedback, some of which had asked me to venture into beauty blogging for real.

So here I am & I do hope that I am able to wake your senses to important beauty tips, tricks & trends.  Enjoy!

Makeup by Monique Jaramillo-Seneres 
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